So now that my map is released I feel that I should help some people out with my discoveries in destructible scenery and help icetiger out with LOD's.

It's actually really simple once you figure out how it works.

First to set up levels of detail you need to create 5 different models for your object. the easiest way that I know of to do this is to create the highest detail model then use the multires modifier to create the lower detailed models.

once that's done export each model seperately, the way you normally would.

but each one has to have a specific name when exported.
name each accordingly

Highest detail = superhigh.jms
next level = high.jms
next level = medium.jms
next level = low.jms
lowest detail = superlow.jms

then when you compile your model in tool you will have five different levels of detail. when editing the gbxmodel tag in gorilla you will notice you now have five geometry blocks 0 thru 4.

at the top of the gbxmodel tag there is a place to set the cutoff point of each LOD. you can use other models as a reference for this.

Destructible scenery is very similar. You need to have two different models. (or up to 10 if you want LOD's)
create an intact model and a destroyed model.

when exporting the models name the intact model superhigh.jms (or anything you want) and name the destroyed model ~damaged.jms . when you compile in tool it will compile both files into one gbxmodel tag.
(repeat this process in the physics folder for the collision)

then when you edit the gbxmodel tag in guerilla there will be two permutations. One is _base and one is ~damaged.

Now you need to edit the collision tag.

change the indirect damage matertial
from NONE to whatever is available

give it a maximum body vitality of whatever you'd like
I suggest between 50 to 100 but it depends on what it is.

now scroll down to materials and choose the material you chose at the top. and set the body damage multiplier to 1.

now in the region box below materials check the box that says dies when object dies

now your object should be destructible. If your having trouble getting it to have an explosion. it has to do with markers and effects. if you need help let me know and I can help you out on that.

none of this should be too confusing, but if anyone is confused I'll add pictures.

hope this helps some people out.